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Players in the NFL
Player BYU Years Drafted By Current Team Yrs. Pro Status
Steve Young 81-83 1984 LA Express(USFL)
1st Rd. 11th pick
San Francisco 49ers
Starting quarterback; Former NFL MVP
Ty Detmer 88-91 1992 Green Bay Packers
6th Rd.
Cleveland Browns


Starting quarterback
Travis Hall 91-94 1996 Atlanta Falcons
6th Rd.
Atlanta Falcons 5 Defensive end
Spencer Reid 94-97 Free Agent Indianapolis Colts 2 Linebacker
Itula Mili 91-96* 1997 Seattle Seahawks 6th Rd. Seattle Seahawks 3 Tight end
Scott Brumfield 91-92 Free Agent Currently teamless 7 Offensive Line
Lee Johnson 81-84 1985 Houston Oilers
5th Rd.
New England Patriots 15 Punter
Tim Hanshaw 92-94 1995 San Francisco 49ers
4th Rd.
Currently teamless 5 Offensive Line
Kaipo McGuire 93-96 Free Agent Indianapolis Colts 3 Wide Receiver
Larry Moore 95-96 Free Agent Indianapolis Colts 3 Offensive Line
Evan Pilgrim 91-94 1995 Chicago Bears 
3rd Rd.
Nashville Titans 5 Offensive Line
Kurt Gouveia 83-85 1986 Washington Redskins 
8th Rd.
Washington Redskins 14 Linebacker
Chad Lewis 93-96 Free Agent St. Louis Rams 3 Tight End
Dustin Johnson 95-97 1998 New York Jets 
6th Rd.
Seattle Seahawks 2 Running back
Brian McKenzie 96-97 Free Agent Currently teamless 2 Running back
Tim McTyer 95-96 Free Agent Cleveland Browns 3 Starting Defensive back
Morris Unutoa 89-95* Free Agent Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 Center
John Tait 96-98 1999 Kansas City Chiefs, 1st Rd. Kansas City Chiefs Rookie Offensive Tackle
Daren Yancey 95-98 1999 Oakland Raiders, 6th Rd. Oakland Raiders Rookie Defensive Tackle
Joe Wong 97-98 1999 Miami Dolphins, 7th Rd. Miami Dolphins Rookie Offensive Tackle
Ed Kehl 95-98 Free Agent Jacksonville Jaguars Rookie Defensive End
Jason Anderson 94-97 1998 New England Patriots 
7th Rd.

New England Patriots


Offensive Line
Derik Stevenson 95-98 Free Agent Miami Dolphins Rookie Linebacker


Players in the CFL
Player BYU Years Drafted By Current Team Years Pro Status
Steve Sarkisian  95-96 Free Agent Saskachewan Roughriders


Starting quarterback 
Ben Cahoon 96-97 1998 Montreal Allouettes (CFL)
1st Rd.
Montreal Allouettes


Wide Receiver
Omarr Morgan 96-97 Free Agent Saskachewan Roughriders 2 Defensive back
Neal Fort 87-90* 1991 Los Angeles Rams, 6th Rd. Montreal Allouettes


Offensive Tackle
Mo Elewonibi 88-89 1990 Washington Redskins, 3rd Rd. British Columbia Lions


Starting Offensive Tackle;  Played 7 years in the NFL.
Muirbrook, Shay 93-96 Free Agent Winnepeg Blue Bombers




Post Football
Player BYU Years Drafted By
Years Pro Teams Achievements Current Status
Jamal Willis 1991-94 Free Agent


British Columbia (CFL)


James Dye 1995-96 Free Agent


Toronto Argonauts (CFL)

Derwin Gray       Indianapolis Colts    
Harland Ah You 1995-97 1998 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)
3rd Rd.


Calgary Stampeders (CFL)

David Lauder  1992,94 Free Agent


    Retired in 1998 after 3 years as kicker in NFL.
Jason Buck 1985-86 1987 (1/17)
Cincinnati Bengals
Bart Oates 1980-82 1983 
Philadelphia Stars (USFL)
Jim McMahon 1977-81 1982 (1/5)
Chicago Bears
    Inducted into College Football Hall of Fame in 1998.  
Gifford Neilsen 1975-77 1978 (3)
Houston Oilers
      TV Sportscaster in Houston, TX
Marc Wilson 1977-79 1980 (1/15)
Oakland Raiders
Leon White 1982-85 1996 (5)
Cincinnati Bengals
Todd Christensen 1974-77 1978 (2) 
Dallas Cowboys
Brian Mitchell 1987-90 1991 (7) 
Atlanta Falcons
      Currently the BYU cornerbacks coach.
Robbie Bosco 1983-85 1986 (3)
Green Bay Packers
      Currently the BYU quarterbacks coach.

* Two years of an LDS mission