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2013 Football Challenge

How to play

  1. You must be a registered CougarFan member, but membership is free!  Go to the sign-up page and fill out your Fan Profile!   
  2. Read official rules below.
  3. Once you are a registered CougarFan member, login and make your picks!  You must fill in your predictions of BYU's score and their opponent's score for each of BYU's remaining games. 
  4. You can form your own group, invite your friends and have your own prizes!  What a great way to keep in touch with distant (or close) friends!
  5. Check back weekly to find out how you scored that week and how you rank against those in your group.
  6. If you are already registered, login here:
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2013 Prizes

  • Entry Prize: 2 tickets to BYU vs. Texas football game on September 7th.  One winner to be determined by random drawing on September 4th.  One entry per football challenge game entry per person (based on email address).  Up to 3 additional drawing entries can be obtained by doing each of the following:
    1. Create/join a group of more than 5 people (invite your friends!). 
    2. Like the CougarFan.com Facebook page:

    3. Follow @CougarFanDotCom on Twitter:

  • Game Winner Prize: To be determined...if we get sponsors...

Sponsorship available: If you wish to sponsor the Football Challenge game, please contact us here.

Official Rules

  1. Picks for each game must be finalized prior to kickoff for that specific game.  Changes will be allowed to any future games.  National finish picks must be finalized before the first game and changes will not be allowed after that time.
  2. Scores will be calculated based on the following formula:  There is a maximum of 50 points for each game.  Thirty points will be awarded for each correct prediction of the outcome of the game (win or loss).  Additional points (up to 10 points for each team's score) will be awarded based on the closeness of your predicted score to the actual score of the team.  If you predict the exact score for a team, you will receive 10 extra points.  You will receive 9 extra points if you predicted within 1 point of the actual score for that team and so on.  Even if you don't predict the correct outcome, you could still score points!  For example:

    You predicted: BYU 25, Utah 14
    Actual score: BYU 29, Utah 23

    You would earn 30 points for correctly predicting the outcome (a BYU win).  You would earn 6 extra points for being within 4 points of BYU's score.  You would earn 1 extra point for being within 9 points of Utah's score.  Your total for that week would be 37 points.
  3. The grand prize winner will be the person with the highest point total at the end of the season.  In the event of a tie, the tie breaker (national finish prediction) will be used to determine a winner.  The national finish will be taken from the BCS rankings first.  If BYU is not ranked there, the highest ranking from the AP or USA Today polls will be used.  If BYU is not ranked in either of those two polls, the Sagarin computer rankings will be used.  If Sagarin's computer had a meltdown and is unavailable, the webmaster's dad will win the prize.

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